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Hydroponics agriculture is an innovative system that allows a land plant on infertile soil to be nurtured as it is offered the nutrients that are commonly received from the land. The mineral products necessary for its correct development are dissolve in water, which automatically circulate it through.

The Tecnic Cat controllers can be regulated according to the weather, temperature and amount of nutrients and pH that need to be nourished.

In this way, it is possible to ensure its correct evolution in types of earth that are only responsible for sustaining it, like gravel, sand, etc. Whilst also taking up less space!


The chosen earth supports the plant over a container of water that receives the nutrients and pH that the farmer has previously chosen.

This method is also valid with other hydroponics techniques like the aerial and floating methods. The chosen technique should take into account the shape, development and size of each plant.

Hydroponics technique floating root


Hydroponics technique in substrate


Hydroponics technique NFT