Control Blue


Control Blue has been designed and manufactured taking into consideration the specific needs that exist for the control and protection of all of the elements that can be found in your swimming pool.
It is characterised for having an easy use and simple installation that is explained in detail in the manuals. Its low maintenance makes it an alliance that you will almost never have to worry about.
There is nothing missing; filtering, lighting, salt water chlorinator… and, above all, make sure that Control Blue is not missing in order to be able to control everything from a single machine.

Centralised control of the following services:

– Heating
– Filtering
– Lighting
– Chlorinator

We present you with 4 different ways for the suitable installation of your swimming pool for the correct operation of Control Blue.
If you have a different structure then please contact us and we will assess the best way to install Control Blue so that you can control all of its features with just a glance.

1. 230V II / 400V + N
2. Spotlights
3. Pump
4. Recirculation pump
5. 3 ways valve
6. Temperature sensor
7. Solar heating
8. Auxiliary heating
9. Level probes
10. Solenoid
11. Chlorinator
12. Filter cleaner
13. Spotlights remote control
14. Check valve
15. Heat Exchanger

1. Status Indicator heating 2
2. Status Indicator heating 1
3. Indicator error filtration pump
4. Indicator showing filter pump active
5. Multifunction switch that enables and disables the filter with cleaner
6. Indicator cleaner activated
7. Filtration pump indicator manually activated
8. Turns ON and OFF the filtration pump manually / Shutdown / Reset
9. Indicator to stop the manual system
10. Indicator of maximum balance tank level
11.I Medium level indicator / Water inlet to balance compensation tank
12. Low level indicator Alarm / Stop system
13. Voltage Indicator System
14. Switch to turn ON and turn OFF the lights
15. Multifunction Control switch
16. Information button not reflected in the indicators
17. Indicator that filter cleaning is necessary

contenido1. Manual
2. Central Processing Unit
3. Temperature probes 2u

Basic features:
Code 72136 4,2 Kg
Volume: 0,026 m3


Control Blue
Code 72136

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Sustainable, latest generation technology. Enjoy the weather and your family’s health.



Automatic control and dosage of nutrients and pH. Accurate systems, easy-to-use and complete.