Hydroponic Control Basic

The Hydroponic Control Basic is a hydroponic continual control and measuring system for the conductivity and pH in water tanks.

Its special design makes it the most complete and simple controller for nutrients and pH on the market. It is suitable for any irrigation system or for use in any system in which the EC and pH of the water need to be rigorously controlled and measured.

It automatically regulates the conductivity and pH of the water tank, and with great accuracy, previously adapting its respective values. The quantity of plant food hat each one of the pumps needs is adjustable in an independent manner and proportional with the flow, which varies between 0-2l/h.

The controller is capable of automatically activating the level of water in the tank and the irrigation pump if its values have been previously changed.

The Hydroponic Control Basic come completely equipped. It contains: pH tube, EC tube, pH tube holders, EC cable connector, impulsion and suction tubes, nozzles, brackets and pegs to be fixed to the wall.


Representative sketch of how the Tecnic Cat Hydroponic Control Basic works

1. Program switch
2. Information button
3. Indicator use program menu
4. Indicator pump B activity
5. Indicator pump A activity
6. Indicator pH pump activity
7. Switch to decrease settings
8. Indicator irrigation activity
9. Information screen
10. Indicator recirculation pump activity
11. Switch to increase the settings
12. Indicator system halted
13. Indicator low water
14. Indicator fill electro valve activity
15. Flow alarm
16. Switch multifunction
17. Switch ON system
pH, A, B pumps


1. Manual
2. Nutrients controller system
3. pH sensor
4. Conductivity probe
5. Plastic manifold composed by:
5x Tee ½”
4x Sockets
1x Probe holder
2x Hose outlets 16m- ½”
1 x Teflon roll
3 x Reduction 3/8’’ – ½”
6. 3x Injectors
7. 3x Suction filters tank
8. 3x Hose rolls 9m P.E.

9. level probes (minimum, medium, maximum)
10. Filling solenoid
11. Flow sensor

Basic Features:
Code 72796 3.2 Kg
Volume: 0.017 m3