Hydroponic Control Plus

The Hydroponic System for controlling nutrients by Computer is the most advanced and complete system on the market.

With the software that is installed, we can easily control all of the values of the water by computer and with no need to attend the site.

The Hydroponic Control Plus is capable of regulating the pH and EC with great precision, as well as controlling the water temperature and programming the irrigation time for the pumps; in addition to the automatic filling of the water tank.
All of this can be visualised and changed by computer.

The Hydroponic Control Plus comes completely equipped with a complete installation kit that includes: nutrient controller, pH tube, EC tube, pH tube holder, EC cable connector, calibration liquids pH7 pH4, EC1413, impulsion and suction tubes, nozzles, brackets and pegs to be fixed to the wall.

Representative sketch of how the Tecnic Cat Hydroponic Control Plus  works. Applicable to all types of hydroponics techniques.


Representative sketch of how the Tecnic Cat Hydroponic Control Plus  works

1. Program switch
2. Information switch
3. Indicator use program menu
4. Indicator system halted
5. Indicator pump C activity
6. Indicator pump B activity
7. Indicator pump A activity
8. Indicator pH pump activity
9. Switch to decrease settings
10. Indicator irrigation activity
11. Screen information
12. Indicator recirculation pump activity
13. Switch to increase the settings
14. Indicator that program menu is in use
15. Indicator that heating is ON
16. Indicator low water level
14. Indicator fill electro valve activity
15. Flow alarm
16. Indicator that connection to computer is ON
17.Switch multifunction
18. Switch ON system
pH, A, B C. pumps


1. Manual
2. Nutrients controller system
3. pH Sensor
4. Conductivity probe
5. Temperature probe
6. Level probes (minimum, medium, maximum)
7. Plastic manifold composed by:
– 8 x Tee ½”
– 8 x Sockets 1/2”
– 1 x Probe holder
– 2 x Hose 16m-1/2”
– 4 x Reduction 3/8’’ – ½”
– Flow sensor
– Pulse counter
– 1 x Tee 3/4”
– 1 x Sockets 3/4”
– 2 x Sockets 1/4”
– 2 x Sockets Red 3/4”-1/2”
– 2 x Racord 1/2”H-1/4”H
– 3 x Union 1/2”H
– 4 x Injectors
– 4 x Suction filters tank
– 4 x Hose rolls 1,5m P.E.
– Filling solenoid

Basic Features:
Code 72814 10 Kg
Volume: 0.104 m3