Indunet pH + ppm cl


The INDUNET salt electrolysis systems have been designed taking into consideration the specific needs that exist for water in swimming pools with large dimensions and/or that have a substantial use by the general public.

Its easy use, simple installation and low maintenance make it an alliance that you will almost never have to worry about.

We offer you the solution to water treatment in your swimming pool, spa, etc.

We offer you the chance to control the system with your computer from anywhere in the world.

Indunets available:

Indunet ORP + pH
Indunet pH +PPM
Indunet Chlorinator Options

indunet-panel1. Revision indicator electrode
2. Indicator of lack of water in the electrode
3. Indicator of excessive consumption in the INDUNET system
4. Indicator of low salt level
5. Indicator of high salt level
6. Switch to decrease the settings
7. A Indicator of direct current activity
B. Indicator of reverse current activity
8. Indicator that the setup menu is in use
9. Switch to increase the settings
10. 14. Power indicators that the CPU is using
15. Indicator of voltage activity
16. Multifunction switch
17. Switch to configure the system and to move into the menu
18. Switch of INDUNET info and move into the menu
19. Indicator of ORP connection


1. Manual
2. Quick Manual
3. Electronic case
4. Central Processing Unit
5. Electrode
6. Electrode holder
7. Nut electrode holder
8. Two 3 Unions
9. Dosing pump 5l/h
10. Two probe holders
11. Two sensors (pH & amperometric)
12. Flow switch
13. Buffer solutions

Basic Features:
Code 72380 (50g/h) 18 Kg
Code 72381 (100g/h) 19 Kg

Volume: 0.075 m3

Indunet pH + ppm cl
50 g/h
Code 72380
100 g/h 
Code 72381

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